Some Tips On Maintaining Bike Tyres

The thrill of biking is a unique one and for many of us represented our first whiff of gay abandon, as we pedalled away furiously in out new found toy. The effort and the number of falls trying to master the balancing act while on the bike was soon forgotten as we thrilled to the experience of being able to use the bike whenever we wanted and to be able to go wherever we wanted. Surely bike tyres and their care would have been the last thing on our minds then.

As we went along, we realised the importance of taking care of these wheels and how any problem can literally render us immobile. By then we had also picked up various tips and instinctively knew how to best take care of the tyres by avoiding sharp stones, badly maintained roads and so on. But it was only a matter of time before natural wear and tear took their course and the effects began to show on the tyres and they cried for replacement.

So what can you do to ensure that the bike tyres last long and give you many years of trouble free service?

Firstly, check them regularly for any signs of a problem so that it can be taken care of immediately. This examination should not be a cursory one but a detailed one where you roll the tyres and subject them to a close scrutiny. This is very crucial as anything left unattended could balloon into something that is not only harmful to the bike but could also pose a danger to the rider. Small knicks can be ignored for some time but when you reach a stage such that you are able to notice the tyre cords, you should know that it is time to replace them.

At times, you may find that you need to replace only one of the tyres. That is because of the uneven pressure that tyre has been subjected to. A puncture is another reason why you would have to replace a tyre. At times, a sharp object or a nail can cause severe damage to the tyre and render it totally useless, necessitating a replacement.

If you find that the bike tyres are constantly losing air, then you need to isolate the hole in the tyre and plug it immediately. If the damage is restricted to the inner tube, you can have it replaced and continue with the same tyre. This can be done by checking the insides of the tyre and it is better to get that done by a professional wheel repairer.

A good starting point when it comes to bike tyres is selecting the right kind depending on how you wish to use your bike. Hilly terrain will demand knobby tyres while skinny ones are best suited for good roads. Maintaining the right air pressure at all times is another important tip to ensure that they always deliver optimum performance.

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