Specialist Cycle Stores Should Be Preferred

It is all very well to covet that fancy looking cycle you have seen in that television commercial or magazine. However, if you wish to get a good deal on that bike and you do not find your local cycle store good enough to either show you the complete range or give you the best price possible, then you must look at other stores that specialise in selling bikes and are able to offer you a much bigger range as well as pricing advantages. It must be mentioned here that you must not look at the price factor only when you have decided to make the investment in a bike. Remember that quality should be the prime criterion and at some of the discount shops, you may not always get bikes of high quality.

When you buy at shops that specialise in bike sales, you get the benefit of salesmen who would also be able to guide you on which bike would be ideal for you. As somebody who is buying the first bike, it is easy to get enamoured by bikes that look flashy and you would not mind spending a lot of money to buy them. However, it is necessary to pause and think whether you need to go for some of the top end bikes right away or just settle for something that is good to begin with on which you can hone your biking skills. Only a good salesman who is aware and conversant with the various bike types would be able to give you the right advice and that is generally at big cycle stores specialising in sales of bikes. Their business depends on the manner in which they provide consultation and advise customers rather than a hard sell approach as is prevalent in mail order stores or shops that depend heavily on the discount offers to push sales. For them it is a volume game and they are not much concerned about making a sale that adds value to a customer’s buying decision.

Another alternative for you if you are still looking for a very good deal on the bike and do not want to take the trouble of locating physical cycle stores is the online sites. You would do well to understand the types of bikes, their technicalities, advantages of one brand over the other, visit comparison sites to know the price ranges for similar types of bikes before actually placing your order online. If you have the patience, you can get some good deals on auctions that are conducted on major online shopping sites.

It is a fact that the pleasures of buying your first bike are much different when you buy it at a cycle store and should not be missed. After all the thrill of test riding the bike after short listing a couple of them and experiencing the unique feeling of acquiring something you have always wanted cannot be had when you sit at home and just purchase online. So go ahead and look for a specialist cycle store to get your first bike.

Anna Louise Jones is a cycling enthusiast who has been writing for top bike retailers such as CycleSurgery for over 8 years.
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