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When it comes to traditional and classic bikes, there are very few brands that have managed to stand the test of time and customer loyalty. Pashley bikes are one such brand and it is really amazing that a brand that came into being eight decades back can still evoke respect and a sense of aspiration in customers.

Its designers continue to be creatively engaged in coming out with various new styles as well as functions and these designs are handed over to the well experience and competent team which actually hand makes all these cycles from scratch. There is no doubt that this brand has been able to achieve an iconic status purely because of this painstaking attention to detail that only its handmade bikes can get. That also explains how this British brand has been able to carve a niche for itself with sales of its bikes extending to over 50 countries. The very fact that people in all these countries actually insist on this brand speaks volumes for the trust and reputation it has been able to capture in the minds of its customers over such a long period of time.

Customers have waxed eloquent about the performance, style and originality that they have enjoyed with these bikes. They have discovered the joys and pleasures of biking whenever they have ridden a Pashley and it has become hard for them to think of any other brand. So much so that many elderly individuals who had the privilege of riding this brand many decades back insist that their grandchildren must opt for it over many other brands that have also become popular over all these years.

It must be said that though its famous consumer brand – the Princess remains very sought after, it is the work bike that continues to remain its main revenue spinner. The brand has been supplying work bikes to the large Royal Mail work force all these years and it is a tribute to the design, comfort level and durability that these work bikes continue to be so popular with the work force. After all, the nature of the work is such that it demands a bike that can withstand a lot of abuse, brake well in all weather and also carry a lot of weight without affecting the equilibrium of the bike. These bikes are even used by many American companies as well as by workers in oil fields. They have come to rely on its durability and all terrain comfortable riding experience. It is also not uncommon to see many ice-cream vending and pizza delivery staff making use of this brand to ensure quick delivery to their customers.

The tremendous environmental benefits that bikes in general offer are yet another huge incentive for people to prefer this mode of travel and when they know they can enjoy the pleasure of a good ride on Pashley bikes and make their contribution to the environment in their own small way, they are only too happy to do so.

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