Do Not Neglect Your Bike Tyres

It is ironic that bike tyres do not get the due attention they deserve from their riders who are more careful about other parts of the bike like the handlebars, seat and so on. It is only when the tyres go bust that they are attended to and that is quite incredulous considering that the wheels are the life line of the bike and stand tall irrespective of the other trappings in the bike. The logic is very simple. If you are somebody who has to work standing all day, then you must take care of your feet and leg muscles. Similarly, riders of bikes must ensure that they take care of the wheels of the bike and not let the problem get aggravated before attending to it.

It is important to mention here that the reference is to the wheels of the bike and not restricted to any particular portion only. Notwithstanding the usage of the bike and the surfaces you are riding it on, the wheels that consist of the tyres, the inner tubes, rims, spokes and the hubs all require equal attention. Of all these parts, it is the inner tube that is usually the most affected since tyres pass over uneven surfaces and encounter sharp nails as well as other objects that lead to these tubes taking a severe amount of stress. They also get affected when incorrect inflation of the tyres takes place. Hence the first requirement for every self respecting bike rider is to know how to change tubes and inflate it properly. You must always have a spare tube along with an air cartridge that will help you do the needful when you are stuck in no man’s land with a busted tyre. Remember there is no guarantee when it comes to punctures and they can happen at any time. Some unfortunate individuals have had to replace tubes even on consecutive days.

You should also note that it is not advisable to continue to ride the bike with a flat tyre. That action places a great deal of unequal pressure on the rims and once they get damaged, you would have to pay a heavy price for replacing them. Hence always carry a tube and know how to replace it correctly.

Depending on various factors like weight distribution, riding habits and the terrain traversed, tyres will age unevenly and you may have to replace either of the tyres at different times. If you are not one who is into mountain riding or other similar rough terrain, skinny tyres should serve you wonderfully and for a long time. Fatter tyres are normally fitted for bikes that need to cover uneven surfaces where balance is the key requirement.

Bike tyres can be looked after well if you have the knowledge and inclination to do so. As regards other parts of the wheel such as the spokes and rims, the only care you should take is to keep them clean of grime and grease.


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