Choosing The Right Town Bike Is Important

Biking as an activity opens up various options. You can use your bike to commute to your destination and save on time, money as well as get your dose of physical activity for the day. You can also use it to go on a wanderlust journey on your own, take part in competitions and so on. The possibilities are thus very exciting and that is the reason manufacturers are pulling out all stops to come out with town bikes that are suited for urban commuting, leisure rides and for competitive sport.

Given the tremendous variety available, the natural question that arises in the minds of people wishing to use bikes for multiple purposes is how to distinguish between various bikes. For instance, is a normal bike better when compared to a triathlon one? If you are somebody who is about to purchase a bike to get into the joys of competitive cycling for the first time, this article would be useful in helping you select the right town bike.

One basic guiding principle that you must keep in mind when making this selection is that if you are only going to be participating in triathlon and sole events, the triathlon bike would be perfect. On the other hand, if you are into group cycling events, then the standard bike would be more than adequate.

Contrary to understanding, the triathlon bike is not only good for triathlons. They are equally well suited for normal solo road biking as well since there exists adequate comfort, safety and efficiency in them and they have been made keeping these criteria in mind. You would however do well to understand the specific pros and cons of a normal bike and a triathlon one when it comes to using them for a purpose that is not their core function.

The triathlon bike is best ridden using the handlebars as the elbow-rest and the body is in an aerodynamic position. You can make the transition from biking to running on a triathlon geometry bike easily and the aerodynamic position also leads to better efficiency. Since you would be sitting on a much lower level on the bike and the handlebars are narrower, the body position is more comfortable as opposed to sitting on a bike that has wider handlebars. You can compare this to the comfort you enjoy when you lean on a counter supporting your body weight on your elbows in contrast to supporting your upper body itself on the counter.

This does not mean that you can carry out such changes on the normal bike. If you do so then you would be reducing the distance that should exist ideally between your torso and your thighs and that could render the position very uncomfortable when you are at the top of a pedal stroke.

Other factors that you need to take into consideration when about to choose from the various town bikes available are your body structure, the way you ride and your short term goals as well as long term goals.


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