How to clean a bicycle

Cycling is a fun sport. by cycling we can stay healthy and fit. We can do this sport anytime. We can ride on a holiday, cycling to school, cycling to work, or cycling to visit friends’ homes. Well, we always have time to use bicycles. But do we also have time to clean our bikes? It’s certainly a boring activity. Except for those of you who love your bike. Bicycle washing is a fun activity for those of you who like perfection. It will give you satisfaction when you see all the bicycle components look new again. A clean bicycle will work better and be comfortable to use. it only takes less than an hour to do it. Let’s start washing our bikes!

Tools needed:

1. Water

2. Bucket

3. cleaning liquid or Shampoo

4. Lube

5. Brush (small brush) and sponge

6. GT85 / WD40 or similar

7. gasoline

The first step

Rinse all parts of the bike with water. Watering with water from the hose directly will be better so that dirt on the bike is reduced to the maximum. We will start cleaning the chain, gear, and other parts that are fat. Pour enough gasoline into a small container such as a plastic bowl or glass. Dip the brush into the gasoline and brush it into all parts of the chain evenly. Do it repeatedly while turning the chain. After lots of loose dirt, use a cloth to wipe the chain. Do it repeatedly by turning the chain until the chain looks clean from fat.Don’t forget to clean chainsets with gasoline too. Use the appropriate brush

Second Step

Soap the bike. This is quite easy to do, you just need to dissolve the cleaning liquid with enough water into the bucket. Don’t be too foamy. Dip the sponge into the solution then use it to rub the bike evenly. For parts that are hard to reach with sponges we can use a small brush. After you are sure all parts are clean, immediately rinse the bike with clean water. Dry the bike with a cloth with fine fiber.

Final Step

This stage is spraying lubricants on some bicycle parts. This lubricant functions as an anti-rust and keeps the bike functioning properly, here I suggest liquid lubricants such as GT85 or WD40. The parts that need to be sprayed are lubricants such as chains, chainsets, and pivot points (moving parts). Chain parts require special attention. Make sure the chain gets lubricant thoroughly. Use a cloth to flatten it.

Bicycles are ready to be used to accompany your trip


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