Unique bikes between the world

Every country has a different culture. If the british people used to have breakfast with bread in the morning, Indonesians eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If French people and other Europeans like to sunbathe on the beach. People in Asia tend to avoid sunlight because they fear their skin is damaged. Dressing culture in Arab countries is very different from countries in Europe. Likewise with the shape of our bikes. Of course in every country has a unique form of bicycle. This uniqueness is formed by culture and transportation needs in the country. These bikes are still used today. Let’s see these unique bikes

1. Becak (Indonesia)

Becak is a bicycle with three wheels. Two wheels in front and one wheel behind. Becak is used for public transportation like taxis. This bike is an alternative transportation in the countryside where there is no taxi service.

pic by detik

At first the becak was a popular transportation in the city. But now many local governments prohibit pedicabs operating in the city. The reason is the speed of pedicabs that do not meet the standards for public roads. That will cause congestion. This is a controversial decision given that today we are trying to reduce air pollution.

2. Rickshaw (Singapore)

Similar to the becak, rickshaw is a tricycle. the difference between rickshaw and becak is rickshaw has one wheel in the front and two wheels in the back. If rickshaws are used for transportation, rickshaw is more focused on serving tourists who are walking on holidays. You have to come to Singapore to try it.

3. Kidcare bike (in some countries)

Cycling while caring for children? Why not? with this bike we can ride a bike while caring for children. This is a way to get rid of boredom in children. Inviting them to cycling will make them happy.

Some people and companies have made bicycles that allow us to take children on a bicycle.

. Why is it still at home? Let’s bike

4. Library on bicycle (USA)

This is a library that can move, chase people in the park, in the city center, in front of a shopping center, or maybe in a coffee shop. The goal is to invite people to read. In America the library on bikes is gaining popularity. their book collection is quite a lot. some provide free services. but there are also those who sell books. do you like to ride?


Do you have many unique bicycle models in your country? upload it in the comment column!


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